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    Domestic ; mediation ; system Abstract [eng] Rapid penetration of information technologies into the daily lives of people is associated with a growing need for development of applications designed for facilitation of daily chores or carrying out various tasks, like calling a taxi.

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    The field of household services is no exception along with increasing significance tarpininkavimo modelis with the role of electronic intermediation systems, which help customers not to get lost in abundance of advertisements encountered within the course of tarpininkavimo modelis for the right handyman, babysitter, cleaner, or other person or company engaged in provision of household services.

    Tarpininkavimo modelis, as for today no tarpininkavimo modelis intermediation systems of this type, which would be convenient for various types of users, would find only competent and reliable handymen, are available for operation in Lithuania free of charge.

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    The purpose tarpininkavimo modelis this Project is to design a model of household services intermediation system and to analyse it. A prototype of household services intermediation system was developed within the course of implementation of the project realizing a unique contractor screening mechanism. Dissertation Institution.

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